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In Case of Emergency: What if I am first on the scene?

Ways to help:

  • Remain calm
  • Be positive
  • Be assertive
  • Take charge
  • Work together

Follow these instructions:

  • Gather together
  • Work together to:
    • Determine if anyone is hurt or needs immediate assistance
    • Ask who is first-aid trained. They can help those who need immediate assistance.
    • Render first aid and call 911
  • Take attendance
  • Take notes
  • Check in with an iSchool floor warden or use the Microsoft Teams channel titled Emergency Check-in under og_ischool_all. Post your location and whether or not you are safe. List others with you and include any injuries.
  • Wait for instructions from emergency personnel or leadership
  • Instruct others to remain on the scene until directed by leadership or emergency personnel
  • Do not leave the area

iSchool Emergency Response Task Force