University of Washington fInformation School

In Case of Emergency: What if I am first on the scene?

Ways to help:

  • Remain calm
  • Be positive
  • Be assertive
  • Take charge
  • Work together

Follow these instructions:

  • Gather together
  • Work together to:
    • Determine if anyone is hurt or needs immediate assistance
    • Ask who is first-aid trained. They can help those who need immediate assistance.
    • Render first aid and call 911
  • Take attendance
  • Take notes
  • Contact your supervisor as soon as the situation is stable (see Contact others)
  • Wait for instructions from emergency personnel or leadership
  • Instruct others to remain on the scene until directed by leadership or emergency personnel
  • Do not leave the area
  • Contact Others: After calling 911 . . .
    • Contact your supervisor (call or text). Inform them of the situation and indicate your location and status.
    • If your supervisor is not available contact, one person in the list below. Stop calling once you reach someone.

iSchool Emergency Contacts

  • Facilities: 206-221-3316 or 206-616-1715
  • Assistant Dean: 206-616-0835
  • HR Director: 206-221-6557
  • IT Director: 206-616-1155
  • Student Services Director: 206-616-8553
  • iSchool Dean: 206.616.0985
  • Assoc. Dean Academics: 206-685-9626
  • Assoc. Dean Research: 206-543-9792
  • Assoc. Dean Faculty Affairs: 206-616-2542