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Crisis Management Team: How can I prepare if I am a leader?


Leadership Cabinet members are responsible for emergency response processes and guidelines as outlined in the School Emergency Response Pocket Plan. iSchool leadership will be expected to assume a role in the Crisis Management Team and should be prepared to take action at the outset of an emergency. The iSchool emergency plan serves as the primary educational and training tool for a crisis or emergency. The plan is reviewed annually or when significant changes occur. The iSchool emergency plan and Crisis Management Team (CMT) supplements and does not replace the UW Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP).

Plan Activation & CMT Assembly

If you are the first person on the scene during an emergency, assume the emergency manager position until it is apparent someone else assumes the role. The emergency manager should convene the team and delegate roles. The committee will assess the nature of the emergency, quality of the available information and evaluate the level of risk to the community and iSchool property. Based on this assessment prioritized communications and necessary actions will be determined.

CMT Roles & Descriptions

Emergency Manager

  • Assume leadership of the crisis
  • Determine nature of the emergency?
  • Delegate duties and roles
  • Establish line of communication with UW Crisis Communication Team?


  • Collect and verify information
  • Coordinate status with Personnel coordinator & Student Services liaison
  • Delegate administrative support as needed
  • Track injuries status

Personnel Coordinator

  • Collect and maintain status of employees & injured
  • Update administrator / manager of employee status
  • Direct people to the Red Cross Safe & Well

Communications Coordinator

  • Check for messaging and information (see tools & resources section of this document.)
  • Collaborate with CMT members & determine messaging (e.g., email, phone, social media)
  • Send message
  • Monitor UW and public media

IT Liaison

  • Connect with Central IT/ UW Crisis Management Team
  • Report status for communication channels to Emergency Manager
  • Protect technology

Student Services Liaison

  • Collect and maintain status of students
  • Gather attendance sheets from faculty / TA

UW Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) (View plan)